The Heart and Soul of any Relationship is Communication


Unlike Dilbert, the rest of us might not be so shocked to find out considering others is imperative to improving our interpersonal communication. Before we can improve on communication skills we need to understand the general definition of communication. Communication is sending messages and signals between sender and receiver through many methods. These methods include spoken words, written word, non-verbal cues.

Basic Communication Rules

  1. PARCTICE in your mind or out loud what you are about to say before you say it
  2. Make EYE-CONTACT with your partner while communicating
  3. Use GESTURE with your hands, face and even your body
  4. Be aware of your BODY LANGUAGE, body language can say so much more than words that are spoken.
  5. Show CONSTRUCTIVE and POSITIVE ATTITUDE in your conversation
  7. Be MINDFUL—conscious of what you are doing, saying, sensing, and thinking
  9. Develop EMPATHY and SYMPATHY for others


  • Wait for the person to open up
  • Encourage your speaker with body language
  • Summarize and restate what you heard or understood
  • Ask direct questions
  • Use statements such as “Tell me more”, “Let’s talk about it”
  • Be simple in your explanations, people prefer to simple explanations over complex ones
  • Have the courage to say what you want to say, yet be careful not to put the person on the defensive
  • Educate yourself on other culture communication methods
  • Indirectly seek for more information, to confirm or refute your understanding
  • Listen more than you talk
  • Be patient  


  • Do not interrupt
  • Do not think of a response in your head while the other person is still talking
  • Do not jump to conclusions
  • Avoid saying things like “Are you sure about that”, “Don’t judge”, “It’s not that bad”
  • Don’t try to control every conversation
  • Don’t give too much information during your first meet people
  • Avoid stereo typing people because of their religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or culture
  • Never poke fun at or ridicule the person you are listening to.





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