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Times are changing; there was a time that if you turned in an English assignment starting with a conjunction, you would for sure come home with a red mark. But, now it seems that this is a readily excepted concept. In my opinion the English language is one of the hardest languages to study and grasp the concept of grammar correctly. The rules in grammar seem to change almost every decade. To properly understand English grammar and the use of punctuations—like everything else—you need a lot of practice to grasp the concept and know how to use it correctly. Below are some of the English concepts and it’s definition


Semicolons allow two independent clauses to be connected together, yet stand on their own. It is like when you look at a wall of family pictures, dad on one side, mom on the other, and the children in between. The children connect the two parents together but yet those two adults can be separate individuals.

Interpersonal Communication is like breathing; it is required for life and absolutely inescapable.

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The Job of Colon is to introduce and to create the feeling of anticipation.

I thought it would be a basic class to teach the outline of making a good resume: to my surprise–majority of class time was spent on the topic of communication.

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Comma with quotation

After the comma, the Quotations is like letting the person have the opportunity to talk. Always start with a capitol letter. A quotation in the middle of sentence is like talking for someone else, even if the words are theirs.

Tears started to fall down my face, I looked at her, chocking on my own words I said, “Nothing is wrong honey, why don’t you go and play.”



The way I remember what a em-dash is, i love fun facts, when you write an independent clause and then put em dash after it, it reminds me of a fun fact yet to come. more information yet to come.

To make matters worse this was another baby boy– that I had lost–that we had lost.


Comma in series

Commas are like little pauses for a serious of words to be listed. The word “And” gives that last emphasis on the last word and also gives us the knowledge that the end of sentence is near. And if we need a referee for a little extra break then we bring in the semi-colon.

The weather was beautifully warm; the sun was shining brightly, a slight wind, and 78 degrees.


 Capital Letter:

 Capitalize the first word of Sentence, the pronoun “I”, fist word of Quotation, Capitalize the first, last and all other important words in the titles of written works, Capitalize all special  names, places or things.

When Michael-Peterson, M.D. Walks in to his patient exam room…


Brackets: [ ], Brackets are used mainly for clarification within quoted material.

At the end of my work out that day, [my fan] he approach me and said, “[me] are so disgustingly fat, are you going to do something about it?”

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“…”  IN MLA guidelines, you must indicate that you have omitted words in a quote with three spaced periods called an ellipsis.

And risks consist of “Cyber bullying …, sexting …, Facebook depression … and sleep deprivation”



serve two basic functions; they show possession, and they indicate that letters have been omitted from the words in order to make a contraction

“Speak to others as you think they’d like to be spoken to.”

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Quotation marks:

Words directly quoted from another source, commas and periods go inside the quotation marks

“It is clearly apparent that youngsters model what they see” says Dr. Peterson



Spell out small numbers, Begin a sentence with spelled out number, use hyphen for numbers ending in “y”, spell out numbers in catch phrases or expressions, and spell out Centuries or time periods.

“… more than 5 million U.S. children under [age] ten use Facebook.”



They take the place of hyphens when one part of an open compound is made up of two words

Using social media is one of the most common activities of children ranging in ages 9-17 years-old.



Hyphen is used between two words to combine them and create an idea

On-line social networks are fun and provide lots of entertainment, but they also present a major security concern for the users.


Quotations, Italics

Quotation: Titles of articles in newspapers or magazines and chapter titles in books should be in quotation marks

Italics: Titles of books, newspapers, and magazines should be italicized

Essential Blogging: “Selecting and using Weblog Tools”

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In a title always capitalize first word (in subtitles as well), do not capitalize conjunctions or prepositions unless they are long.

The Heart and Soul of any Relationship is Communication



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