Effects of Social Media

It used to take weeks sometimes months to carry a message across the plains via horse and a buggy, but now, through IM, tweeting and Facebook, we can reach thousands of people instantly. If the Majestic Mount Fuji was to erupt, this news would travel to millions of people via social media within minutes of it eruption.

Using social media Web sites is the most common activity among our young generation. Any web site that allows any kind of social interaction is consider social media, including Twitter, Facebook, My space; gaming and virtual worlds, such as The Sims and Club Penguin; video world, including You Tube and blogs.

When Michael-Peterson, M.D. Walks in to his patient exam room, he often notices that most his patients are on Nintendo Ds, I Pad, or some kind of electronic device, as the imagesCAR0YTC1parents are on the cell phone.  “It is clearly apparent that youngsters model what they see” says Dr. Peterson (Peterson). American Academy of pediatrics reports, “An emerging concern is that children are becoming so immersed in the great variety of different screens that they may be missing the necessary opportunities for developing social, cognitive and language skills” (Johnson). Dr. Peterson gives the voice of warning to his professional co-workers, “Pediatricians need to talk to their families about balancing screen time and real life” (Peterson).  In our fast pace life, we as adults are so busy to keep up with life and it’s everlasting changes, that we easy put some electronic device in front of our children and tell them to go ahead and occupy themselves. These children are lacking the opportunity to go out and play in the mud, they lack the chance to build and create games from their imagination to play with their friends.

 imagesCALZNGVDAccording to Doc. Howard Bauchner, MD , “An estimated 75% of teens own cell phones, 54% use their phones for texting, and about 25% log on to social media sites more than 10 times per day”(Howard Bauchner,¶2). Our society has become so technology dependent that even our young children are being provided with some kind of device to keep them connected to some sort of social media.  

 Although social media is here to stay, all these sites have an impact on our young children. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports on the benefits and risks of social media, such benefits consist of, “Enhanced communication with family and friends, exchanging of ideas through blogs, podcasts, and videos, Access to health information.” And risks consist of “Cyber bullying …, sexting …, Facebook depression … and sleep deprivation” (Schurgin O’Keeffe, Pearson, and et al, ¶7).  Social networking has changed the face of communication. Facebook and Twittering has made it possible for long-distance relationships as well as developing new relationships (otherwise impossible) or re- connecting with old time friends. However, social media can also be scary and dangerous if misused. Cyber bullying occurs on daily basis, loss of personal information, or even accidently being introduced to improper material.

 Because of increasing use of electronics, our young generation —also known as the millennial generation— since birth have been immersed in technology. This has affected their communication and their learning style. Although there are many negative influences of social media there are many positive and wonderful influences as well.



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