Business Blogging

Keep the channel of communication open by blogging.


Why Blogging is important?  This is the new revolutionary way to communicate in the business world. Every blog is unique to the business or organization.  Blogging is very important to a business, because it can represent the company in a positive way. Blogging can also criticize and write unfavorable reviews about a business or an organization. It is important to know a few important steps in blogging for your business or organization

  1.  A business blog is an informal way of communicating with your customers about your business,   achievements, innovations, and your product
  2.  Blogging is the voice for your company. it is easily updated.
  3.  It helps your customers feel as if they know the company better
  4.  You can tell your potential employees about your company and what you are looking for in an employee.
  5. Your company can search other company blogs for competitiveness and marketing intelligence.
  6. It can build trust with the client.

Here are some suggested readings for blogging

  •  Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies
  •  We the Media
  •  Essential Blogging: “Selecting and using Weblog Tools”




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