Listening to “House”

houseOne of my favorite shows to watch is “House”. It intrigues me the way the main character, Dr. House, communicates with his three employees and those in position of authority

Dr. House communicates in a disconfirming way. “A disconfirming response is a statement that causes others to value themselves less.” This kind of communication can create defensiveness and it can lead into misunderstandings. Usually when someone talks to us in a demining way or in words that makes us feel bad about ourselves, we tend to get angry, frustrated, and hurt. We also tend to shut down and not listen to such people. Yet, in this show even though the main character is unpleasant and rude to everyone, somehow he seems to communicate his observations to others, and achive his goals.

 It is intriguing to me how some people think that being spoken to in such mean and hurtful ways is the norm (which happens in a lot of relationships) and yet others will not stand for such treatments.

Words are powerful; we should be ever so carful in how we talk to people. We are not in charge of the meaning of words we speak, others derive the meaning of your words depending of experiences that they have had in life. Words don’t have meaning; people create the meaning in words.

“Speak to others as you think they’d like to be spoken to.”



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