Communication and the Work Force

 It takes cetain skills to be a sucessful and desirable employee.imagesCA81RK78 I stumble on my communication skill in the worke force, as I have spent 23 years as a wife and a homemaker. My skills of ethics are very well developed, yet I needed some help in communicating my skills to my employer.

I decided to improve these skills by taking a resume writing class. I thought it would be a basic class to teach the outline and writing a good resume. To my surprise: majority of class time was spent on the topic of communication.

The instructor started the class by telling us the number one issue that employers have with their employees seems to be communication, whether it is verbal or written communication. She explaind to us that the first step in communication with any potential employer is through show casing your experiences and strengths in a cover letter. Someone who can bring their assets to life with words on a blank page surely has an edge over the competition.

Next, she stressed the fact of verbal communication during a job interview. Your verbal communication is like your appearance; it’s the first thing people notice. The instructor of the course also commented on how the message on an answering machine or even the choice of phrase on your emai, communicates many unspoken words to the employer.

She emphasized that strong writing communication skills will help with: professional business writing, writing memos for employees, emails, reports and strong solid speaking skills are essential in interacting with: managers, speaking in groups of people, and training other employees. I also learned that in the capacity of a sales person, strong communication skills is the key to sell goods and services and keeping customers happy.

From the two hour class, I concluded that solid writing and verbal communication is the basis of success in the work force. It takes high quality communication skills to convey the right image about yourself or your company that you represent.

Taking this understanding one step further, a strong verbal and non-verbal communication is the key for successful relationship in our daily lives.


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