imagesCA3EFN6E Interpersonal Communication is like breathing; it is required for life and absolutely inescapable.
Communication is at the core of our existence. We cannot live without communication because it is such an important part of our lives. I will touch upon communication skills and principles,address key concerns about what interpersonal communication is and why it is important.
I have chosen this topic, simply because there are so many misconceptions on how communication really works. I have six children ranging from first grade to college, it takes a lot of effort to communicate, and connect with them on different levels. I have to constantly find new ways to keep the communication channels open.

I want my readers to gain a basic understanding of what it means to communicate, and how communication can help or even damage interpersonal relationships. I hope with the information that I will provide, I can help one person to some degree improve their communication skills with their parent, child, partner or co-worker.


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